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CEON/CEES is a virtual R&D institute, acting as a S&T observatory.

Pulls together experts from various Serbian institutions in a non-for-profit organization to develop informetric methods and databases intended for the evaluation, as well as for promotion of research results produced in Serbia. Works on integration of the national system  of S&T information and its harmonization with EU standards. Is pleading for public, data-based, and non-arbitrary evaluation. Supports, promotes, and is practicing Open Access to S&T information.

CEON/CEES is the institutional member of ISSI and euroCRIS

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An Open Letter to the Minister of Science Print E-mail

The extensive argumentation for a negative assessment of the evaluation system is offered. It was shown that the system is open to various forms of misconduct, such as earning evaluation points by publishing in predatory journals, printing duplicate publications, plagiarism, etc. The most severe forms of misconduct are described and illustrated with examples. This argumentation is mainly based on the results of CEES studies of the misconduct in research publishing.

It was stated that abuses are encouraged by inadequate regulations of the Ministry. Therefore, the minister is required to rectify shortcomings of regulations, presently in the process of innovation, in order to establish a full legal and ethical integrity of the evaluation system. At the same time, he is offered numerous suggestions on how to improve the system.

 To download petition in PDF (in Serbian only)  To sign petition (in Serbian only)


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